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Resilience and Presence
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Create and embrace positive change, and recover quickly from the unexpected

Welcome to Resilience and Presence.  We understand that life’s challenges are unique and complex and can often change quickly from day to day. These challenges can arise for business owners, teams, or individuals, and can impact on home life, work life, and the balance between the two.  We will work with you to create a framework and strategy to restore balance, develop resilience, and realise your full potential. If you’re feeling like you need a kick start, are stressed or anxious, or just in need of some support to help you execute your plans and ideas, we'll help you to move forward in a mindful manner that best suits you. 

“Whether you think you can, or think you can't, either way you are right".  Henry Ford 


Framework, Perspective, Strategy

Objective - coaching, mentoring, tuition, and support for business development, direction and results delivery

Business owner, management and leadership support

Knowledge development and skills enhancement

Transformation and change management


Mindset, Empowerment, Performance

Objective - coaching and mentoring access for all to improve personal well-being. 


Programmes accessible as a workplace benefit, or directly by the individual.

Tailored to deliver true individual well-being

People, culture and values focus


Transition, Support, Structure

Objective – outplacement coaching, training, and support service to help former employees at all levels of the organisation transition to new jobs

Assistance in reducing the trauma and stress of redundancy for employees

Bespoke programmes, and ongoing support

Morale preservation for those who remain in the company



I have learnt so much and it has been so beneficial to me at a time where I really needed support and guidance

It has helped me to reflect on certain situations differently and take a step back and reflect when I feel things start to get too much.

It wasn’t something which naturally appealed to me at first and I was very surprised at how effective the sessions have been, and how much they have given me more of a sense of purpose and confidence


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