3 ways to start improving your resilience

Coping with the day to day feels easy on some days and tougher on others. Read these tips on how you can improve your resilience

We all have that friend, colleague, or person in our lives who always seems in control, confident and composed whatever life throws at them.

We ask ourselves; how do they do that? What makes it so easy for them? Why can't my life be more like that?

The truth is, life can be more like that.

The secret to know is that all of these people are just the same as your or I. Life does throw them challenges. Situations do arise that make them feel uncomfortable or sad or angry. They have good days and not so good days. We are all human.

What makes these people remain confident and competent during the difficult times is that they are able to adjust their perspective. They are able to change their view of the event or the situation. They do this by taking time out for themselves, being kind to themselves, and knowing that sometimes things fall out of their control.

Everyone sees the world differently. We call this our map of the world. The key to resilience and well-being is to remember that how we see the situation is more powerful than we could imagine. It impacts on how we think, how we act, and in turn how we behave.

Changing perspective doesn't happen over night. However there are 3 things you can do each day to build up your confidence, connect with yourself, and start to think differently about your map of the world.

1. Take at least 10 minutes out of your day for "you time"

You might want to sit quietly somewhere, take a walk, or relax in a bath. Whatever you choose, its important to switch off from work, family, and technology. Put your phone far away and focus on you.

As you sit; feel the weight of your body on the chair and the air moving in and out of your lungs. As you walk; feel your feet on the ground. As you bathe; feel the water on your skin.

2. Tell yourself 3 positive things about yourself each day

If you find it hard at first to think of three, start with one and build up from there.

You may find it helpful to keep a journal and note these words down. You can then come back to the journal for a confidence boost if you need it, and to remind yourself how awesome you are.

3. Ride the wave through the storm (and the sun!)

Remember that it is OK to not feel OK sometimes*. You don't have to be happy all the time. What is key to remember is that feelings and moods rise and fall like the waves in a storm. Acknowledge the rise and fall of your moods and let the storm naturally pass.

On the days that you do feel amazing; embrace it, enjoy it, and ride the wave into the sunset!

*If you don't feel OK for the majority of your time, please do get in touch with a medical professional who will be able to offer you the support you need.

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