Mind the Gap

Close your skills gaps, and build the communication bridge


Self-awareness is vital to personal and business success; and the very best business leaders recognise their own skills and skills gaps and want to continually improve.

It may sound an obvious part of being successful, however there are many people at the top of their professions who don’t recognise their own shortcomings – a trait which is key to build resilience and presence, and continued business success.

As businesses strive to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic that has gripped the

global economy, it is now more important than ever to remain on top and to ensure

future growth.

“People require more support than ever in the situation we find ourselves. To counter the stress or anxiety those challenges can cause; frameworks and strategies and clear communication are needed to restore balance, and to develop resilience".

When it comes to the mindset of business leaders; it doesn't matter how long you have been

in the business or your particular sector, it doesn’t necessarily make you an expert. Having the ability to reflect and change as required, even if you’ve been in the business for years, and to recognise that there are always gaps and room for improvement is a real sign of leadership confidence. To look at yourself from the outside, to step back and reflect without criticising yourself or being defensive is critical to personal and business evolution.

“Replace your inner critic with critical friend and remember that change can be positive; it’s all about perspective.”

Sadly, there are those who don’t ever acknowledge that they have weaknesses or gaps in their knowledge and that can cause big problems for an organisation.


To turn vision and strategy into results, business leaders need to clearly communicate the big picture so that the team can translate that into their day to day to deliver it;

"Where are we going, how do we actually get there, and what can I do to help get us there?"

It is often evident that there is a gap between what the company board has in mind and what the business leaders are working towards. There is a communication problem and no sight of a shared goal or a shared destination. How can you arrive if you don't know where you are going?

Communication between the board and team leaders needs to be fine-tuned. That means ensuring the CEO and board are visible and accessible, and that they are working with the business leaders so they know what they need to achieve.

“It’s not a one-way street either, those business leaders and department heads have to be pro-active rather than waiting for information to filter down to them. They need to go and seek it and be encouraged to do so. Everyone has a part to play in driving the business forwards to successful outcomes.”

There is no time like the present to improve, to grow and to evolve. What can you do to start to close your skills gaps and to add value to your personal and work life?!

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