The Pivot Plan

The future of employee experience is in your is the time to PIVOT

In partnership with 'Future of Employee Experience' Raconteur report published in The Times

Change is vital for survival, in life and at work. However, it is often difficult to know what and how to change. With this in mind, we have created The Pivot Plan; everyday coaching and mentoring support for everyone.

So...why PIVOT?!

PIVOT to stay ahead of the curve

"Invest in your people...maximise diversity and inclusion and compliment blended working"

Technology is everywhere, it's a great facilitator, and provides a plethora of ways to introduce and embed new ideas, and solutions.

However, how often do you sign up for a new app or well-being initiative, only to become disengaged and not log in after just a few short days or weeks?

A human touch approach is fundamental to ensure employees and individuals feel connected, listened to, and supported on a day to day basis. Help your people create positive habits.

Providing Coaching access for all employees at all levels across the organisation will create trust, boost engagement and recognise each unique individual and the qualities and skills they bring to their role.

Listening to all employees through personalised human connection creates a level and fair playing field, increasing diversity through inclusion. The Pivot Plan gives employees a voice, as well as flexibility and choice in their day to day to meet their specific and changing needs in real time.

PIVOT to help manage return to work anxiety

“We’ve contracted with our coaches to be flexible to ramp up...when I think even the people who have been chomping at the bit to get back will start to need some help too. Coaches have been particularly helpful with grief and bereavement"

Everyone is at a different stage on the change curve (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 1960s) as a result of the unexpected ordeal of Covid-19 and the challenges it has brought with it for businesses and individuals across the world.

Whilst a small percentage of us may be at the end of their emotional curve journey feeling renewed and inspired to move forwards, it is important to note that the majority of us are somewhere else on the curve. This means that there could be delayed anguish for many months ahead, and employers should be ready for to support their employees during their changing emotional states.

PIVOT to listen and build for the future

"Organisations need to nurture a listening culture to harness their employees’ trust, energy and creativity...don’t ignore your staff"

Whether your employees are weathering a storm or managing their day to day, listening should be at the heart of your organisation. A strong listening culture creates an agile and resilient workforce which is exactly what is needed for future employee and business success.

Ensure that you have a clear plan and structure in place to hear everyone; not just the executive team or those who shout the loudest. Coaches provide a level of objectivity, a safe and stable environment, and well thought out questions. They help employees to focus on moving forwards rather than freezing in the moment, or getting stuck in the past.

So...what next?

The first change step is always the take that step today...and PIVOT towards a happier and healthy workforce whatever the weather. We are here to help so get in touch.

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QUOTES - 'Future of Employee Experience' Raconteur report - Published 27 July 2020

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